Build a Custom Water Filter Tool

If you’re tired of the frustration and potential messes you encounter when filling your fresh water tank the conventional way, try out my Custom Water Filter Tool!

If you want to be able to control the water flow without risking blowing out your water lines or having a ton of water on the floor and none in the tank, you should try out my setup. All it takes is three easy to assemble parts. The first, the water filter itself, is something you should already have. It comes with a 5’’ flexible hose, which I attached at the end to give the filter a little more length. Next, we have the shut-off handle. This is where your life starts to get easier. You can control the flow of water into the tank by squeezing or letting go of the handle. The last piece is a water regulator, which is what keeps you from over pressuring your water lines. I am also have a compact garden hose, for those times when you need just a little more.

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